Thursday, December 2, 2010

Families facing foreclosure arrested at Chase Bank

Read more about the protest and struggle of a group of families facing foreclosure.

Update on Belva Davis' Situation

We won! Belva Davis, our neighbor who was threatened with eviction because the bank refused to modify her mortgage, is for now secure in her home! Thank you so much for your support.

After we picketed the Wachovia/ Wells Fargo branch a month ago, the bank called Belva that afternoon and for the first time offered to negotiate a modified payment. The negotiations that followed were not easy, but with the help of her lawyer, Jerry Goldberg, Belva finally got a payment plan she can afford.

It couldn't have happened without the many friends and activists who contacted the mortgage servicer and showed up to demonstrate their support. Special thanks go to Al Benchich for the great videos he created (with the help of Bob Ingalls) of the rally at Belva's house and the bank picket line. You can still see them at 

Belva's victory has made our neighborhood stronger, but we certainly aren't out of the woods. The Detroit Free Press reported that our zip code has the second-highest number of foreclosures in metro Detroit. We'd like to keep fighting unjust foreclosures and evictions, and are exploring ideas -- any thoughts you have are more than welcome. If anything develops, we'll keep you posted.

Again, thanks so much,
Nancy and Steve.