Sunday, March 5, 2017

Add your name: investigate Donald Trump

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To: Members of the House Judiciary Committee
Vote in favor of a thorough House investigation into Donald Trump’s use of the presidency to further enrich himself.
To bring about the change working families need for financial security and a say in our economy and political systems, millions of people across the country have been coming out in large actions demanding change. Now, Congressman Nadler is taking this fight to his colleagues demanding that Congress investigate the Trump administration's financial conflicts of interest.
To win an America where all families and communities can thrive, we need to expose how the Trump Agenda seeks to deny people a voice at work and in the economy to pad the pockets of corporations that take advantage of workers.
We’ve never had a situation where the president of the United States refused to separate himself from his investments and maintained conflicts of interests. Our president should work for us, not for himself. Rather than working every day on behalf of working people, maintaining these financial holdings results in him putting his own wealth -- and those of powerful corporations that rig our economy and democracy -- before families like yours.